Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion


Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart of Ching Dynasty requires a Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion tool to convert woman's conception month to Chinese lunar month. Also, it needs a Chinese Age Calculator to find out woman's age at the conception month.

If you enter from Georgian Date (western/solar calendar) from the Chinese Lunar Calendar Converter below, then click the Convert button and it will show the Chinese Lunar Calendar Date.

Convert Georgian Calendar to Chinese Lunar Calendar

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China Civil Calendar is the official China time zone calendar at east longitude 120 degree. This calendar system is currently used in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The first day of Chinese Lunar Month is the new moon date. The new moon time of different time zones might fall on different day. Therefore US and European time zones cannot use China Civil Calendar. Please select Astronomical Calendar for non-China time zones.

The Astronomical Calendar is a more accurate lunar calendar system. Our Astronomical Calendar uses astronomical Sun and Moon Data, which is very close the US Navy Observatory data

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